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Applying as a Canadian Immigrant

I applied as immigrant in Canada after I finish my Nursing in Davao Doctors College. If you ask me why, hmmm... I don’t even know why. My Mom wanted me to go and work abroad. I was easy go lucky then and I don’t even care of working abroad. So my mom kept on insisting about it, so I went to one of the agencies in Davao who caters about living in Canada. I submitted all the necessary requirements they needed and paid all the processing and filing fee. It cost me around 45K. After 4 years, I received a letter from the Canadian Embassy, telling about the scheduled interview. I was already married then and Have a son. I didn’t update my files coz I’m not expecting it anymore. When I asked my husband about it, He said NO. I can’t blame him, he is a Doctor and we managed our family business. Financially, we were fine then. So what I did was I went to my agency and told them that I will not resume my application and so they sent a letter to the Embassy. After a year the embassy sent me a letter giving me another chance for an interview. This time, I convinced my husband that we will attend the interview and see what will happen next. The hardest part about it is raising additional funds coz the embassy demands a certain amount for a family of three to immigrate to Canada. This comes to roughly around 800K. On the day of the interview, I was so nervous. I hate interviews! I was even shaking when they asked me to take an exam coz I didn’t have an English exam yet. When the Consul interviewed us, it was fine. We are able to answer all her practical questions. She was trying to tell us that life in Canada is not easy coz we have to start from nothing. Finally she told me to take IELTS exam in order for me to get the points I needed. Canada is a “points system”, there are certain points for your age, course, diploma, language and if you have immediate family in Canada. She said if I got a passing score in IELTS then they will send us for medical exam after. That interview was last Oct 2005, 2 months after, I took the IELTS EXAM and January 2006 I got my result. I passed! I sent my result to the Canadian Embassy then on March I got a letter for our Medical exam. April 22 when we had our medical exam at Davao Doctors Hospital. It’s going to be expire after a year, so we better fly to Canada before one year. While waiting, I decided to take CGFNS Exam. September 2006 when I took it and I luckily passed it. My husband finally got his Nursing Diploma but he did not take the Nursing Board Exam. It was December, when I received a call from the Embassy. They were asking for our passport for the visa. We went to Singapore for a Christmas vacation and I told them that I'll send our passport on January 2007. Carlo, my hubby took and passed his IELTS last February. I was also reviewing at KAPLAN for NCLEX. Me and my hubby finally got our ATT and we both scheduled for NCLEX at Saipan in March 13. We both passed it with flying colors. It’s April 11, 2007 when we arrived in Canada.